From Hustle To Scale

A Go To Market & Sales Execution Guide For B2B Tech Start-Ups Proven To Accelerate Revenue and Customer Growth

“The best technology or product rarely wins in the B2B technology world!”

Around the midway point of the 2010s, things began to dramatically change for B2B technology start-ups. As disruptive technology and the internet became more mainstream, business models were changing, products became easier to build and deploy, and the number of tech companies touting “innovative” products increased dramatically. A great product was no longer sufficient. The pace of new innovations was accelerating, the volume of information available about these was skyrocketing and the amount of attention accessible from prospective customers was diminishing.

Technology startups faced the challenge of letting the world know about their innovative products without clear knowledge of who the ideal customer is or how to grab their attention, which left it up to the prospective customers to figure out what your product or service is and how it could help them solve their business problems or enable opportunities.

The book shows you how “Solving for the Customer” can take your company from a start-up emerging from early product-market fit, to accelerating your customer and revenue growth predictably and at scale using strategies and tools based on a proven Go-To-Market & Customer Acquisition methodology which resulted in several successful exit-liquidity events. Focusing on privately held B2B technology company Founders, Executives, and Leaders, Patrick shares how to create a compelling Go to Market plan and build a powerful sales strategy, which aligns your Sales, Marketing, Product, and Support teams to overcome inconsistent or stalling sales results and drive breakthrough customer and revenue growth!

Change the game in your favor by shifting away from the traditional ideas found in most “product-led” marketing and sales approaches where you have to talk the buyer into having the problem and/or needing what you have. When you focus your team on understanding how your buyer defines success, you can shift them away from just highlighting the product features and functionality. Instead, you provide your customers a map to easily obtain relevant information about how and where your solution uniquely impacts their results/outcomes, while guiding them through their process as to why your solution is the right choice for them! This is the key to dramatically increasing your customer acquisition and revenue growth, which will transform your scrappy start-up by Crossing the Chasm into industry leader.

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From Hustle To Scale

A Go To Market & Sales Execution Guide For B2B Tech Start-Ups Proven To Accelerate Revenue and Customer Growth

Chapter 1 “Product Fit vs. Customer Experience Fit”

What you must understand about your target customer/market to move from Product-Fit to successfully scaling B2B technology business.

Chapter 2 “Assess Yourself: What Makes you Stand Out”

Assessment of the market opportunity your company can uniquely address and future state Marketing & Sales motion.

Chapter 3 “Insights of a Customer’s Lifecycle”

Acquire Customer’s perspective on – Problems you’re solving, Who owns it, Why its important/consequential, Why your company, Why Now?

Chapter 4 “ Go-To-Market Plan – Building from the Outside In”

What a “Solve for the Customer” GTM plan requires; that is informed by the customer (outside).

Chapter 5 “Understanding the Buyer’s Journey”

Mapping out how TODAY’s buyers become – Aware, Evaluate & Decide, and how to best enable this.

Chapter 6 “The Value for the Buyer”

Tying it together – How to convey the value of the business impact/outcomes your company uniquely provides.

Chapter 7 “Transition of Your Go-to-Market to Implementation”

How to align marketing, sales and customer success to GTM plan and Sales execution strategy.

Chapter 8 “Enable an Execution Culture”

How to establish and enable a culture to successfully execute your GTM & Sales strategy.

Chapter 9 “Execution and Alignment throughout the Customer’s Journey”

Applying data driven decision making & revenue operations to unify with and optimize the customer experience.

Chapter 10 “Always Be Recruiting – Talent and Team Recalibration”

Recalibrate your people & culture – Ensuring you have the right leadership and team members to successfully execute.

Chapter 11 “Transformed – The New Future

Overcoming the obstacles – Scaling growth to breakthrough success!

About the Author

Patrick Williams is a 6-time CRO, author, and consultant, with an impressive track record of success driving “mission-to-metrics” alignment and scaling organizations to accelerate revenue generation and penetrate new global markets. His expertise includes building world-class sales, marketing, and customer success teams in the B2B technology sector.

Over the past 15 years of leading revenue/commercial teams globally for private B2B technology companies, Patrick has achieved outstanding results, orchestrating CAGR of 40%-75% in the last six companies, with four of those companies attaining successful exit/liquidity events.

Using his proven strategies, tech companies around the globe are successfully penetrating new markets and accelerating sales growth, while becoming industry leaders in their target markets. They are transforming from product-centric to customer experience/business value-focused sales & marketing teams driving breakthrough results.

With almost two decades of experience, Patrick assists B2B technology companies and investors by serving as an advisor on their Go to Market and customer acquisition strategies. Drawing on his knowledge of the tech start-up industry, he devised a unique Go-to-Market & customer methodology which solves one of the most frequently occurring obstacles for “product-led” technology company’s – How to align your sales, marketing, and customer success teams to overcome inconsistent or slowing customer growth and produce scalable and predictable revenue growth.

He has gained a reputation as an empowering servant leader, enabling associates through mentoring and coaching to use their business acumen and allowing them to be accountable for their outcomes/results.

From Hustle To Scale

A Go To Market & Sales Execution Guide For B2B Tech Start-Ups Proven To Accelerate Revenue and Customer Growth

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