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The 5-Point Formula

The factors your start-up business needs clarity on which will determine your success or failure.

A 5-Point Checklist to assess whether you have the foundation to successfully emerge FROM – Innovator & Early Adopter type customers (Product Market Fit), TO accelerating growth of your customer base and scaling revenues. Score yourself against these factors to understand whether you are a “technology in search of a problem”, OR on a trajectory to being “customer experience/outcome – led” converting market demand predictably to rapidly scale your growth!


The 7 Obstacles to Overcome Stagnating Growth During Uncertain Times

Avoid churn or becoming dispensable in current customers while spurring new customer growth during times of economic turbulence.

The rate of failure for start-ups is high, especially when there is uncertainty in the economy, the funding environment, and your financial runway. What is needed is a simple assessment of those things you could affect to successfully conquer these circumstances. This is the B2B Start-Up leader’s guide that can bring a go-to-market strategy into focus by identifying & addressing the most common reasons inhibiting a technology start-up’s success in a turbulent environment!


7-Step Customer Urgency Questionnaire

Curated questions to discover whether the product/solution you are providing and/or building:

  • Is solving a problem of high enough importance they must do something
  • The value of the business outcome delivered is significantly greater than the pain associated with the change (behavioral and structural)
  • The consequences of customers NOT solving the problem is compelling enough (vs. staying status quo)
  • Is providing enough business value that you can prove (so they can justify)
  • Can clearly direct you to which person in the customer’s organization is most impacted, and which company measure suffers most
Congratulations for choosing this book! I have no doubt that it will change your life for the better. It will inspire you and your company to reach new heights and help you achieve the success you have always wanted!
Raymond Aaron

New York Times Top 10 Bestselling Author

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